We have strong confidence in our ability to give complete service mentioned above. We are a garment buying house for all kinds of outfits that includes woven apparels, knit-wears, and sweater/ pullover items. To ensure the Proper Quality, we maintain in-line inspection system in every process from knitting, dyeing, sewing and finishing.

Our Quality Assurance Strength & System are as below:
We maintain minimum one to two QA Inspectors in each factory to follow up our orders at every production process, from the factory opening till closing to get the highest quality level. We assign one QA Asst. Manager to control three to four factories. We set up two Fabric Technologists (Textile Engineer) to control the quality of fabric from yarn, knitting to dyeing. One Sr. Merchandiser, Asst. Merchandiser & production-coordinator are assigned to follow up three to four factories and visit each factory in every alternate day for counter-checking.

We at a glance:

Merchandising Manager – 01 Person
Senior Merchandiser – 02 Person
Asst. Merchandiser – 02 Person
Production Coordinator – 01 Person
Commercial Manager – 01 Person
Commercial Executive – 01 Person
Accounts Executive – 01 Person
QA Manager – 01 Person
QA Asst. Manager – 01 Person
Quality Assurance Inspector – 10 Person

We have a wide span of quality manufacturers in our vendor lists. And we work for different customers from Europe, US, Canada & also have some in South American countries of both store-based designer’s kinds and warehouse-based promotional items. All we can say is, “Try us once, even with a small test order, and we will prove ourselves with the quality of your desire.”

Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

Managing Director

Mobile: +880 1706-291256
Email: mamun@clothinafashionwearltd.com
Skype: tfs mamun

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